Creating tasty home cooked meals puts you in control of the quality of the food you create and serve to others.  There are other benefits to consider as well… You can easily adapt and substitute ingredients to fil the food plan you follow by choice or for medical reasons, you save money by limmiting restaurant food prices and you are able to add variety to what you eat and serve to others that gather to enjoy a meal or a snack with you.

My husband and I love to travel in our Class B RV and often bring a variety of meals with us to enjoy while on an RV travel excursion.

Many of the recipes I create can be used at home or while traveling.  Make ahead meals make food preparation a snap whether you are cooking at home or planning a  camping or boating adventure.



My cookbook Small Kitchen Big Flavors!  came together from recipes I created also Potluck dishes friends have contributed from some fun get togethers we have enjoyed over the past couple of years.  Click on the ‘cookbook’ tab at the top right to order a copy of the book.

The recipes are simple to follow and ones we have recently enjoyed.

I will post new recipes on this site from time to time for you to enjoy.

Happy Cooking

Chef MJ

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