Cherry Season at it’s peak!


Traveling in our RV through some of the western regions of the United States, we arrived in Coeur d’ Alene at the end of June 2018.  Our plan, to visit our son and his family; welcoming them as they arrived at their new home  the same weekend.  My husband Jeff and I had been on the road for a couple of weeks now, our starting point on the RV trip, our home in Camarillo, CA.

After settling in and visiting the family for a day, the grandkids and I gathered around one of the two huge cherry trees in their front yard that were bearing an abundant quantity of cherries.  Pie cherries and Bing cherries. We believe the ‘pie cherries’ are Mount Hood cherries, slightly amber with a blush of red, slightly tart with overtones of sweetness.  We targeted the low hanging ripe fruit for a cherry cobbler to serve for an evening dessert shared with manyfamily members that had arrived in town.  The cobbler was delicious and so we decided to pick more cherries and make French vanilla cherry cupcakes for the following day and a bowl of cherries to have for snacking during the week.


3 thoughts on “Cherry Season at it’s peak!

  1. Jim and I, mostly I, ate a 5 pound bag of BC cherries I bought going to Waterton NP last week. We’re going back tomorrow for a few days and I’m going to try this recipe with more cherries I buy.


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