Wilderness Tea Party – Glacier

A leisurely afternoon of tea and small bites filled the afternoon of nearly half the group of 125+ RV folks that met up in Babb, Montana mid June 2018 for fun and adventure in Glacier.  Ladies wore various types and styles of hats and berets while men wore a creative variety of more ‘manly type hats’ for the most part.  Everyone enjoyed the  casual free time catching up with friends and acquaintances and meeting new folks all while relaxing, sipping  tea and sharing both laughter, adventure stories, their hobbies and interests.

Many of those attending brought delicious finger foods, candies, decorated accents, teas, and jams to share. A group offered and came together to lend a hand in set up and clean up afterwards. What an awesome time!  The variety of small delights was amazing with homemade gingersnaps, banana bread, carrot pineapple cake, deviled eggs, crackers topped with a cucumbers and dill, decorated brownie bites and much more.

The carrot pineapple cake recipe is a cake I’ve made for years and a blue ribbon     winner at the Ventura County Fair in CA each of the 3 years I entered it in various  baking categories (cakes, breads, muffins)!  The recipe is moist full of flavor, freezes well  and keeps perfectly fresh on the kitchen/galley counter (in a zip top bag) for a full week.



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