Food for Thought When Preparing your Thanksgiving Meal

Take some of the stress out of preparing a Thanksgiving feast!

Plan your menu in advance:

  1. Consider food allergies and preferences of you, your family and the people joining you for the meal.
  2. Create the menu to include beverages, appetizers, salad, main entrée, side dishes and dessert.
  3. Limit recipes that will be time consuming to 2 recipes.  Make the other dishes simple or semi-homemade or items you prepare or delegate.
  4. Set aside a cook date a week or more prior to Thanksgiving.  Allow yourself  3 – 5 hours to prepare dishes that are able to be made in advance and frozen until the day before Thanksgiving.
  5. Use zip top freezer bags for each item, burp the air from the bag, label the bag with a permanent marker and the contents in each bag), then place each bag flat in the freezer.
  6. Delegate some of the items on the menu to family and guests if possible.  Ask them to bring their dish or beverage with them to the feast.
  7. Let the guests and family know how many servings of the item will be needed and what time to arrive at your home.
  8. Ask each person how much refrigerator space they will need.
  9. Also check if they will need to bake or reheat using your oven or stovetop and the time they will need and any serving utensils, pots or pans, plates or cups they will need for their also.
  10. Ask those that do not cook if they can volunteer to assist in other ways and enlist their help with:  serving, clearing plate or dish duty!


Delegating some of the meal preparations will help you enjoy the holiday and feast and enjoy and recognize their contributions to the meal.

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