Refreshing Salad with fruit and berries

Fruit and berries are plentiful right now at both the Farmers Markets and grocery stores.

I created this flavor combination for a main meal to enjoy on a day trip in our RV yesterday.  Our destination, the beach at Mugu Rock near Malibu, CA.

The ingredients listed are for an individual salad main meal offering for 1.  Increase the quantities as needed to serve the number of people you will be serving.

balsamic tomato saute


5         rinsed and dried butter lettuce leaves

1/2      peeled, sliced peach

5         fresh raspberries

4         cherry tomatoes, rinsed, cut lengthwise

1/2      slice sour dough bread, cut in cubes

2 – 3    tbsp. butter

balsamic glaze

fresh ground pepper

dressing of choice (for a homemade blue cheese dressing see below).

Directions: Stir dressing in a small bowl to combine ingredients.  Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

1/4 cup each   blue cheese crumbles, mayonnaise, cream cheese

1 tsp                 Worcestershire sauce

dash or 2         hot sauce

squeeze           of lemon juice

balsamic tomato and fruit salad

Directions (for the salad)

  1. Rinse lettuce leaves, pat dry and place 5 leaves on each plate.
  2.  Top each plate with sliced peaches and fresh raspberries.
  3.  Saute’ bread cubes in 1 – 2 tbsp butter in a saucepan over medium heat until bread cubes are golden brown.  Remove sauteed bread from pan, set aside.
  4. Add 1 – 2 tbsp butter to the pan and saute the cherry tomatoes over medium heat for a few minutes, turning them once.
  5.  Drizzle balsamic glaze over the tomatoes in the pan, saute on low for a minutes.
  6.  Add the sauteed tomatoes and freshly made croutons to the salad.
  7.  Serve the salad with a favorite salad dressing.





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