Pistachio Crusted Halibut

halibut pistachio mw


A simple recipe you can prepare in an Convection oven, on the stovetop or in a cast iron skillet outdoors on a grill.

Halibut is currently readily available in the fresh fish section of the grocery store.  I plan to serve the leftovers for dinner tomorrow, perhaps as the protein in soft tacos!


Serves 2 and leftovers for 2 the following day



1 1/2                 fresh halibut

1 tsp                 vegetable oil

1 tsp                 butter

2/3 cup           pistachio nuts

1                       lemon



  1.  Rinse halibut, pat dry, cut fish into 4 equal sized filets
  2.  Place filets in cooking vessel.  Pour oil into the pan and roll the halibut in the oil.
  3.  Rough chop shelled pistachios to a medium coarse grain (not as fine as Panko).
  4.  Set cooking heat to med/high.  If using convection 375 F.
  5.  Cut butter into 4 – 6 dabs and place over the pistachio coated halibut.
  6.  Wash the lemon, cut in wedges, set aside.
  7.  Cook halibut pistachio crust facing upward, until the fish turns opaque throughout.  Don’t overcook but check to see that the fish is not clear and shiny in the center.  Fish is cooked at 145 F when checked in the mid section of the filet using a temperature probe.
  8.  Squeeze a wedge of lemon over the filets and serve with a fresh lightly cooked vegetable or as an alternate serve with a fresh salad.

Chef MJ

My cookbook Small Kitchen Big Flavors! is available at a great Introductory Price on Ebay and my blog site at : http:/smallkitchenbigflavorsblog.wordpress.com

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